Open joint-stock company «KrasniyProletariy” is one of the oldest enterprises in Russia, and celebrated 75 – years anniversary in 2016.
Open joint-stock company «KrasniyProletariy”is obliged to the Soviet Union Government with its appearance, which in the first months of the Second World War accepted the decision to intensify oil-fields prospecting and development works between the Volga and the Ural rivers. Five factories from Azerbaijan were evacuated in this area with the purpose of machine-building base creation, among which there was small Baku factory on oil equipment repair»KrasniyProletariy”. The factory equipment was accommodated in Sterlitamak city, on the machine-building station territory. The factory production activity began on October 30, 1941 only two months later after the equipment arrived in Sterlitamak city.

In November of the same year the factory Quality Department has accepted its first production — shells for anti-tank 45 — millimetric gun. The country which was struggling with the fascism, needed » second Baku » oil, and the collective quickly mastered with the oil-field equipment repair for «Bashnefterazvedka”. Workers collective’s, experts’ from Baku and local wokers task was the oil-drilling equipment overhaul development: mud mixers, rotors, winches (hoists), swivels, tackle blocks etc. for the trust enterprises of «Bashnefterazvedka”. During the difficult military time the factory mastered with the overhaul of drilling equipment nodes, engines of CHTZ — 60, «Franks», «Portable», GAS, oil capacities manufacturing. The first equipment on the automobile chassis was on the chassis of KrAZ-256, was put into production in 1967. The unit was intended for pumps cable UETZN transportation.

Now, we are modern enterprise which has the scientific and industrial potential sufficient for realization of a complete cycle of oil-field equipment manufacture: from designing and development of the design documentation up to serial manufacture and overhaul. The enterprise basic type is oil-field equipment manufacturing and overhaul, and also overhaul of diesel engines more than 20 units. Among the customers of a company,there are such large oil-extracting enterprises of Russia, as ANK «Bashneft», «Slavneft», «Tatneft», «Surgutneftegas», «Lukoil», «TNK», «Rosneft», and also oil refining companies of the Baltic states,Uzbekistan, Azerbaidzhan, Kazakhstan, Poland, China.

The policy of the enterprise is directed on the development and creation of modern equipment in commonwealth with the largest enterprises of oil-extracting branch. A principle of company – is an operative follow- up after oil extracting modern technology and is an offer of the modern equipment responding all requirements oil industry workers on the market. All oil extracting units are projected by the request and at the direct participation of the expert-producing people. It allows to create the equipment with an optimum set of consumer functions and to correct them at the stage of the development.


Lots of new equipment are developed and run into serial production by request and with experts assistance of the «Bashneft» and which allow to lower the cost price of oil production and to improve working conditions. So the most successful development can be called swubbing unitА5-40М, which was developed at the direct participation of technical services of ANK «Bashneft». It embodied in itself the advantages of the best samples of similar engineering and got rid of many deficiencies. The unit design essentially simplifies the process of its preparation to work and reduces time, spent on this operation. The established additional equipment allows to carry out bore-hole surveying during the work. As a whole it reduces the cost price of repair work. The unit is mounted on the chassis «Ural» specially prepared for work with such equipment. In 2001 this unit took part in competition » 100 Russia best goods «, and in the goods of an industrial purpose nomination received the diploma of the winner. And in 2003 the unit А5-40М was awarded with a silver medal » For high guality”. «New millennium” and with Honourable certificate founded by the Russian-American Commercial and industrial chamber.
In 2000 by request of ANK «Bashneft», together with its technical services designed the new model of the automobile special for bore-hole surveying LSK-06 on the chassis of ZIL-432722, and in 2002 — LSK-07 on the chassis of GAS — 3308 («Sadko») with the diesel engine D-245. A highlight of this installation – is a hoist (winch) with a hydraulic drive which conforms the modern requirements. The automobile is intended for performance of hydrodynamical bore-holes surveying by devices with local registration with the help of the tool lowered on a wire.

In 2001 the unit manufacturing for repair and development of workover rigs with carrying capacity on a hook of 60 tons began under the technical project developed by the experts of ANK «Bashneft». Proceeding from required parameters of a hitch, the customer chose the chassis of the Minsk factory of wheel tractors MZKT-80077. In 2002 the skilled sample of the unit named А7-60 is made. In a design of the unit the winch with a hydraulic drive and microprocessor management is applied. Such circuit allows to facilitate and to simplify pull and running operations managements which are carried out from the operator’s folding cabin, which is in its turn developed with allowance for the modern requirements of ergonomics. All this facilitates oil industry workers labour, having lowered a level of the adverse factors arising at realization of repair work on a workover rig. Now unit passes skilled operation, during which the completion of the unit is made. After ending of all tests complex there will be a unit which conforms the requirements of the customer to serial manufactures.

One of the constant customers of new engineering is АК «Transneft». In 2002 by the order of this company the pump-transport machine NTM-1 on the chassis KamAZ-43118, which is certified. This machine should complete the mobile pumping unit PNU-2 (diplomant of competition » 100 Russia best goods «) developed in 2001 and to form with it the pump-swinging complex for the oil tax and transportation.

And there are a lot of such examples of cooperation of the old partners. They are:

Mountable demountable pipeline (SRT)

High-strength plastic collapsible sleeves TG-150-6.3

Gas balloon equipment

Pumping unit PNU 500/63

Pumping unit PNU VG 45/30

Throttling block

Mobile receiving bridge on the basis of tractor trailer

Mobile pumping and transport unit PNU 120/130
А2-32, A5-40M–workover rigs;
А2-32-01 –swabbing unit;
SURS-40, SURS-40Т, SURS-40М — self-propelled installations for wells repair;
UNRKT-2М — cable winding and unwinding installation;
К1BP-01 — one-drum-type сable take-up unit tractor-drawn on the wheel trailer — chassis;
К1BP — one-drum-type сable take-up unit tractor-drawn on wheel low carriage trailer — chassis;
KP-2 and KP-3.2 — cranes rotary for cargo-lifting works on the drilling units pipe racks.
Compressor stations such as K – 5A, 4VU1-5/9.
About 30 % of the «KrasniyProletariy” factory works consist of overhaul of diesel engines such as V2, D6, D12, Wola H, YAMZ, KamAZ and air compressors such as K – 5A, KТ-6, 4VU1-5/9.
Constant steady demand on issued by the open joint-stock company «Red Proletarian” production testifys to its high technological level. All production and the services of the open joint-stock company «KrasniyProletariy” are certificated. At the enterprise the Quality System is developed, introduced and certificated on the basis of a production quality complex control system appropriate to the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008,ISO 14001-2004,ISO 9001-20011 and GOST RV ISO 0015-002-2012 . The Quality System Certificate of conformity on special vehicles for oil chinks service, technological oil-field equipment, spare parts, capitally — repaired diesel engines, compressors is received. The annual inspection control confirms the Quality System Certificate of conformity action.
However, the enterprise industrial success, first of all, are people. The factory «KrasniyProletariy” is proud of the workers and cares of them because many of them are marked for labour and feat of arms by the state awards of the USSR, Russian Federation, Republicof Bashkortostan. Among the factory workers there are holders of Glory Orders, Labour Red Banner, Courage Orders, Orders «For the contribution to development of Republic Bashkortostan «.
Alongside with manufacture modernization at the factory the large attention is given also to the social sphere development.
Labour dynasties quantity existing at the factory points out on the right social policy. There are about ten dynasties on the «KrasniyProletariy” and some of them exist from the time of the factory foundation. From the father to the son, from the grandfather to the grandsons passes not only workplace, but also experience, knowledge, responsibility for the work result.

Health care and well-being of the workers – is one of the main tasks of the factory administration.
There is a restaurant for the enterprise workers, first-aid post, tooth study, exercise gym, massage study at the factory. There are saunas and the art library in industrial shops. The sport hall and swimming pool are rented.
Workers’ children can have a rest in summer improving camp «Ogonek» on a bank of the White river, capacity 180 men in change.


In May, 2003 the children’s two-floored improving complex «Rainbow» is opened with the area about 200 m². There are such sections as athletic gymnastics, kick-boxing, swimming, hand-to-hand fight, female and children’s sport groups. The complex is opened for the adults too. About 150 men exercise here, among them there are 90 children. The group of the prolonged day works here for children with the beginning of the academic year.

In 2001, the museum was created by the 60 years of the factory anniversary. There are materials which reflect the factory development which are full of famous and labour feats in a museum. The museum is opened not only for the factory workers, but also for all people wishing to see it. The often visitors here are the veterans of a factory, the pensioners, which come here to recollect youth, to recollect the people with whom they worked.

Reviving famous traditions of the»KrasniyProletariy”, the economic competition to quarterly summarizing is renewed and successfully carried out at the factory. The winners on the competition results are entrusted by the Diplomas, passing pennants, money premiums.

The open joint-stock company «KrasniyProletariy” 65 years anniversary was in 2006. The enterprise has passed difficult, but famous way of development. The traditions saved for 65 years of constant forward movement, high professionalism and progressive thinking allow the open joint-stock company «KrasniyProletariy” corresponds to the dynamically developing modern world companies standards.

The enterprise management sets the large hopes on the further continuation of mutually advantageous cooperation with such large oil-extracting enterprises of Russia as АNK «Bashneft», «Slavneft», «Tatneft», «Surgutneftegas», «Lukoil», «TNK», «Rosneft», and also oil refining companies of foreign countries and CIS. The open joint-stock company»KrasniyProletariy” collective is ready to promote economic growth and prosperity of Republic Bashkortostan in the further with their labour success