The open joint-stock company “Red Proletarian”

Carries out overhaul of diesel engines such marks as Д12А-525, Д12Б, Д12В-300К, В2-800ТК, Д6-250ТК, В6А, 7Д12, WOLA Н12, WOLA 5Va, all marks of ЯМЗ, A — 01, КамАЗ etc. (more than 20 kinds), compressors of the marks K – 5A, 4ВУ1-5/9, КТ-6, A- 41, СМД-31, В2-450.

All repaired engines and compressor pass running in on test beds, it is shown in the registration certificate of the engine. On all repaired diesel engines the warranty period of operation is established. For the convenience of clients there is an exchange fond at the factory practically of all diesel engines marks